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Love , Care & Respect spell the value of human bondage So we decided to define it through PARIPALANA – The only destination for valued Senior Citizen Comfort Living.

  • Founded in 2016 with a thought to serve the society, The Gujan Group based in Coimbatore created this most trusted elderly community sheltering senior citizens for them to list, discover, explore unique accommodation and services.
  • Thrilled to announce our latest venture, the prestigious Paripalana Phase III Project, situated on Vedapatti road near Gayathri Devi Temple. As we venture into this new phase, we remain dedicated to providing unparalleled living experiences for our cherished senior residents, upholding the highest standards of comfort, security, and community engagement. The launch of Paripalana Phase III exemplifies our ongoing commitment to redefining senior living with excellence and innovation.
  • Our growth was orchestrated with high end research on the needs of such community living. The modern world, racing with time demands migration for better prospects for the upcoming generation that does not opt them for a choice of separation from their beloved family.
  • We just focused on providing this very highly demanding option for them by delivering PARIPALANA with all customization required for a peaceful serene retired life.
  • As hosts we believe that service to humanity is service to God. We have proved it in our respectful , patient and right solution approach through our 8 years of dedicated service to the senior citizen community.

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Number of houses


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03. Why Choose US

Welcome to the world of PARIPALANA

Why senior citizens

To achieve milestones migration to far off destinations has become a necessity today. This leads to a herculean task for the upcoming generation to find time and space to devote care for their own older generations. The responsibility of their health, security and mental well-being cannot be shrugged off without concern. It has to be shouldered by the society as responsible citizens valuing human life. This evolved the concept of a Senior Citizen community specializing only in senior living requirements.

After all the sheltering , guidance , experience and sharing they belong to us always….Its time to care our concern for them.

Our Mission

To provide high quality inhouse care with concern through a client centered and service-oriented approach one heart, one smile, one family at a time for a better aspect of life.

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